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cybersecurity powered
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Our Ethical Hacking Manifesto

Our mission is as simple as it is ambitious: to make the world a safer place.
To carry out the mission, every Ethical Hacker from the TRYBER Community adheres to and promotes all principles of our Manifesto:


We are cybersecurity professionals. There is no discrmination in our Community for skin color, sexual orientation, gender, age, culture, or religion.


We condemn any criminal act and abhor any act perpetrated through cyber technologies to damage the freedom, image, and life of people and corporations.


Our curiosity is what fuels our work and pushes us toward new horizons.


The physical perimeter of our actions is the known world as well as the unknown world.


The temporal perimeter of our actions is every second, every minute, every hour, every day, and every year of our life.


Technology is our most powerful ally.


Knowledge is our strategy.


Our Community is our Team.


Shared Intelligence is our strength.

All the reliability of experience

WhiteJar is the cybersecurity service Powered by UNGUESS.

The need to verticalize a service dedicated to cybersecurity arises from:

  • the solid reality of UNGUESS, a company that specializes in Crowdtesting since 2015;
  • the demand for a truly effective and efficient service;
  • the flexibility of the security platform that brings shared knowledge into the decision processes of corporations.

Experience assets: from UNGUESS to WhiteJar

Verified Ethical Hackers

Recruited from the UNGUESS TRYBER Community

Community management ability

To organize work teams and keep talent active.

Crowd-based collaboration platform

Optimized to manage workflow.

The clients

Who choose the power of TRYBER’s shared knowledge

UNGUESS System Structure

The Crowd, called TRYBER, is made up of thousands of real people who have access to hundreds of different devices. The Crowd is called to test digital products, solutions, and services through an owned collaboration tech platform based on the cloud—this is UNGUESS’ strength.

WhiteJar is one of UNGUESS’ three Business Units. It specializes in Ethical Hacking services such as Pen-Testing and Vulnerability Assessment via Bug Bounty Program, and it can count on a Community of Cybersecurity experts selected from TRYBER.

Our Customers

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What they say about us

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