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// May 18, 2022
Cybersecurity made in the Crowd. The power of Collective Knowledge.

Cybersecurity made in the Crowd is a new paradigm to protect companies and people from cyber threats thanks to the Collective Knowledge. What is it and how does it work?

Collective knowledge is the capacity of groups of people to pool their experiences and knowledge and use that collective intelligence to solve problems and make decisions. 

The collective intelligence of a group can be compared with the individual intelligence of its members. But while an individual’s intelligence is limited to her or his knowledge and abilities, collective intelligence allows groups to tap into the intelligence of their members and their relationships with other groups, organizations, institutions and communities. 

Collective knowledge is widespread and plays an important role in modern life. It can be found in institutions such as government, military and universities, as well as social groups such as business and professional associations.

Collective intelligence can be measured by an organization’s ability to achieve its goals by tapping into the collective knowledge of its members

Collective intelligence allows a view of the problems from different perspectives and it enables solutions that would not be possible by single individuals.

The ability of groups to achieve high levels of collective intelligence is limited by the resources of the group and the knowledge and abilities of its members. Groups that have a high degree of shared identity, culture and experience will have a greater capacity to tap into the collective knowledge of its members and attain high levels of collective intelligence. 

The importance of shared identity, culture, and experience can be seen in studies that find that groups with high degrees of collective intelligence tend to be more homogeneous than groups with low degrees of collective intelligence. 

High levels of collective intelligence can lead to improved performances and results for an organization. An organization with high levels of collective intelligence will achieve greater satisfaction with its work and customers, and perform better than an organization with low levels of collective intelligence.

High levels of collective intelligence can also reduce the risk of cybersecurity incidents within an organization. This is because high-intelligence groups are more likely to adhere to best practice when it comes to cybersecurity, and have a better understanding of the risks and threats that organizations face. 

Organizations with high levels of collective intelligence are also more likely to follow established policies, procedures and guidelines when it comes to cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity has become the biggest challenge companies are facing these days.

Every day we can read newspapers or listen to the news about the latest cyber attacks. Every day they become more and more sophisticated and effective, leaving behind a trail which is sometimes stained with blood. 

Companies can fall and get torn apart, human lives are directly or indirectly paid as a consequence of cyberattacks.

Still, nowadays, many companies are reluctant to invest in cybersecurity, for many different reasons. The main reason is probably that they are blind in front of what, recently, has been the main reason for money loss for companies. 

In the last two years, only in Italy, IT frauds caused damage for more that 125.000.000 euro. The cost of the attacks would be much higher if the costs of the incident management were included.. 

In response to these concerns, a new paradigm in security assessment solutions has arrived in Italy

It takes full advantage of crowd-sourcing models and collective intelligence, and moves them to the management of high-profile human resources. In reality, WhiteJar is the first active project in Italy as well as one of the few projects worldwide that makes collective knowledge its main strength

A new concept destined to change risks on table for cybersecurity sector: company no longer binds itself with individuals or groups professionals who are chosen based on unstable criteria but can use whole community consultants who provide skills experience techniques and tools according all stabilized protocols which aim at achieving most detailed level tests corporate infrastructure.

This new paradigm of the “Cybersecurity made in the Crowd” is difficult to fully comprehend if you can’t visualize a community of hundreds cybersecurity experts. 

Imagine a large theater, with all the seats filled and on stage, there’s a company meeting, explaining its objectives and wishes to the audience-security experts. The audience listens then makes their own assessments and starts working towards these goals set by this company. 

When it comes to WhiteJar, that would be us: an Italian ethical hackers community with certifications in various fields who are ready work for any company that chooses our services!

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