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The Service that connects companies with certified Ethical Hackers

Through our flexible and fully customisable collaboration platform, corporate clients can launch Vulnerability Assessment campaigns in a few simple steps, involving the community of our certified ethical hackers.

A Community always available

Direct access to the first community of certified Italian Ethical Hackers.

Recruitment of high-profile specialists

Specialised professionals, involved on the basis of the company’s area of expertise.

The best and most up-to-date certifications available on the market

Certified hacker skills to ensure proactivity and effectiveness of interventions.

Integration with corporate communication systems

Flexible platform integrated with popular corporate communication systems for direct contact.

Team Crowd: the ability to organise widespread teams

To make the service offered to customers even more effective and to ensure the growth of the testers’ skills, the work and people of the Community are organised in Agile Teams, through Guilds and Squads.

A Guild is a temporary or permanent group of experts who carry out vertical activities within the Community. The strengths of these teams are that they are agile and scalable through shared expertise.

The Squads, on the other hand, are working groups led and hired by the Admins, the most experienced members of the Community, and carry out cross activities and functions at the “service” of the various Guilds and the entire WhiteJar ecosystem.

A new security paradigm

The classic Penetration Test is a consultancy activity that requires initial planning and waiting time for testers to identify vulnerabilities and compile the final report to be returned to companies. It does not provide for interaction with the development team and does not guarantee constant technical updating of testers.

The service offered by WhiteJar innovates the paradigm of operational and analytical processes thanks to the collaboration platform with which companies can launch vulnerability programmes at any time. Data circulate asynchronously and contextually with reports occurring in real time. The teams work together autonomously to communicate only identified vulnerabilities and suggested mitigations to the company's security manager.



  • Reports received after weeks or more
  • IT security experts not always up to date
  • Project Based
  • No measurable results / Lost reports in the organisation
  • No data integration
  • Rigid (consultative) model

Pen-Testing crowdbase with collaboration platform

  • Real-time vulnerability alerts
  • Unlimited and diverse expertise within the community
  • Ongoing collaboration with the ethical hacker community
  • Real-time measurable results with dashboard available 24/7
  • Data integration with ticketing system (e.g. Jira)
  • Highly flexible and continuous cycle model (Subscription based)

A team of Professionals


The Project Coordinator is dedicated to the development and implementation of digital products and is in charge of managing several crowdtesting activities simultaneously.


Subject matter experts (ss. Automotive) are selected from the network of specialists according to the specific needs of the individual Campaign.


The Crowd Team, including the Community Leader, is supported by a cluster of hackers who extend the size of the certified Community.

Certified identity and technical skills

Certified Ethical Hacker
GIAC Exploit Researcher and Advanced Penetration Tester
Offensive Security Certified Professional
GIAC Web Application Penetration Tester
GIAC Mobile Device Security Analyst

Partnership and Sponsorship

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