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The collective expertise
of the Community

and the crowdbased cybersecurity platform

Ethical Hacking and Bug Security Bounty for continuous-cycle cybersecurity

WhiteJar offers a flexible model that leverages the collective knowledge of a Community of cybersecurity experts via an always-accessible crowdbased platform to launch Bug Bounty programs for Pen-Testing and Vulnerability Assessments. This is the only type of model that can identify an increasing number of vulnerabilities in real-time, adapting each program to specific corporate needs.

A Crowd of profiled talent for corporate cybersecurity

Hundreds of Ethical Hackers with proven identity and certified skills, selected on TRYBER, our tester community. Our Hackers are always at the ready to offer their services to corporate clients via the Powered by WhiteJar platform.

The collective intelligence of our Ethical Hackers aims to identify the vulnerabilities that fall through the cracks of traditional Pen-Testing and get overlooked due to programming logical errors that automated technologies are unable to spot. Our TRYBERs operate on IT and digital assets provided by Client corporations. The support of our Hackers can be requested for limited time periods or continuously, so that the same perimeter may be tested again and again. The Hackers' interventions are coordinated by a dedicated supervisor who suggests the most efficient remediations.

Team Crowd: The ability to manage Hacker Teams


The Project Coordinator is dedicated to the development and implementation of digital products. They manage numerous crowdtesting activities at the same time.


We have Vertical Experts on a given topic (e.g. Mobile, Io/T/OT, Web3) who are selected among a network of professionals, according to the specific needs of a given Campaign.


The Crowd Team, including the Community Leader, is supported by a cluster of Ethical Hackers who expand the dimension of the certified Community.

Una piattaforma di collaborazione versatile e affidabile

Flessibile, personalizzabile e integrata con i più comuni sitemi di sviluppo software aziendali (Bug tracking), per contatti diretti tra professionisti della cyber sicurezza e i team IT.

Integrazioni e interazioni

La piattaforma consente interazioni asincrone e contestuali con scambio dei dati in tempo reale, tramite integrazioni.

Autonomia di squadra

Le aziende sono autonome nella gestione della dashboard e nel lancio di campagne di Bug Security Bounty utilizzando procedure guidate personalizzate.

Comunità controllata + VPN

I profili sono controllati da una piattaforma di terze parti (KYC verufued) e da una serie di interviste interne. Possiamo inoltre utilizzare VPN e user-agent per tracciare l'attività del singolo hacker etico su ciascun programma.
Crowdbased Pen-Testing:
Collaboration and technology against cyberattacks


  • Reports received after weeks or more
  • IT security experts not always up to date
  • Project Based
  • No measurable results / Lost reports in the organisation
  • No data integration
  • Rigid (consultative) model

Pen-Testing crowdbase with collaboration platform

  • Real-time vulnerability alerts
  • Unlimited and diverse expertise within the community
  • Ongoing collaboration with the ethical hacker community
  • Real-time measurable results with dashboard available 24/7
  • Data integration with ticketing system (e.g. Jira)
  • Highly flexible and continuous cycle model (Subscription based)