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  From centralised

  to the collective
 ingenuity of the Crowd

The digital transition


Processes of digitalisation and interconnection

In an increasingly digitalised and interconnected world, ensuring data security and digital product safety is an absolute priority for all companies.

From 2020 onwards

Since 2020, the Cybersecurity scenario has changed profoundly. Smart working and remote access to company systems together with the proliferation of platforms and online services have accelerated the digitisation process of companies, which are not always ready to welcome change. As a result of this acceleration, computer security protocols have also often been strained with an exponential increase in their vulnerabilities. The resulting attacks and the repercussions on the global ecosystem have demonstrated the inadequacy of most existing solutions and therefore the need to increase cyber defences using every means available today.


0 %

Increase in cyber attacks in 2020

0 %

Rising safety costs in companies


Human talent gaps in security in 2021

>50 %

Vulnerabilities lost by machines

Skills, supply and demand: the gaps


Companies that lack the right skills and human resources to protect their IT assets.


Security professionals reporting a lack of cybersecurity skills in their companies.


Cybersecurity professionals pointing to the lack of specific skills as the cause of direct and measurable damage to companies.


Demanded and unfilled job positions recorded in 2020.

45k €

The annual salary of a Pen Tester today (€35/36k 4 years ago).


The number of unfilled jobs in cybersecurity compared to 5 years ago.

New urgency for businesses

Human talent incentivised to find high-risk vulnerabilities.
Intelligent technology for greater efficiency and scalability.
Community management by division of labour to ensure more comprehensive coverage.
Real-time analysis and performance-based safety scores to define priorities and actions.

The Power
of Crowd

man smiling with laptop

Collective ingenuity is the added and lasting value of Crowd

Countering the risks associated with digital transformation by centralising security controls is contrary to the very logic by which the digital ecosystem evolves. The only effective alternative is to adopt a logical and operational model that harnesses the creativity and expertise of individuals to recognise more vulnerabilities, so as to identify related risks and improve the security of the whole system.

A mental and operational approach

Entrusting the search for computer system vulnerabilities to a collective of professionals, through an open Bug Bounty Campaign, means adopting a more challenging and innovative approach that sees in entrusting a network of professionals ready to talk to each other and to companies the key to understanding the latest computer threats, otherwise hardly accessible to individuals.

The potential of the Crowd

Initially exploited to test software, crowdsourcing is proving to be an effective weapon against cybercrime as well as a perspective and a way of engaging in a world that has changed dramatically with the ever-increasing spread of digital tools at our disposal. Not just a simple support for a transition, therefore, but a flexible resource that allows the scope of testing assignments to be extended beyond the simple technical assessment of a single problem to the general assessment of the vulnerabilities of an entire system.

man smiling with laptop