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Only skilled and
reliable professionals

Not all ethical hackers who ask to join our community become members of WhiteJar.
We believe that reputation, integrity and ethics, along with individual skills and interpersonal skills, are mandatory requirements for doing a job that carries significant responsibility, such as protecting a company's data and information systems.

This is why we subject each candidate to a strict selection protocol, designed to test and measure skills, professionalism and reputation.

Recruitment procedure: how we select our talent

primo step
The candidate fills in the online form with his/her personal data and declares their acceptance of WhiteJar's ethical principles.
primo step
The Ethical Hacker Leader contacts the candidate to arrange a fact-finding call, necessary for assessing personality traits and motivation.
The candidate sends the documents requested during the meeting with the Ethical Hacker Leader: an indication of the certifications he/she holds and the certificates.
verifica identità
The Recruiting Team verifies the validity of the documentation sent, confirming the candidate's online reputation and submitting the candidacy to the WJ Core Team, including the opinions expressed by the Ethical Hacker Leader.
verifica identità
If the candidate's profile meets the internal security and competence criteria, the application is approved, personal documents (i.e., identity card) are requested and the candidate is onboarded.

Identity and certified competences

WhiteJar does not issue ISO certifications required by law for companies operating in specific sectors. 

WhiteJar certifies the identity and skills of the professionals to whom it entrusts jobs of great responsibility, and offers an innovative service for the Italian market and complementary for companies dealing with IT security.

Certified Ethical Hacker
GIAC Exploit Researcher and Advanced Penetration Tester
Offensive Security Certified Professional
GIAC Web Application Penetration Tester
GIAC Mobile Device Security Analyst