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Cybersecurity News

The latest from the fight against cybercrime

We are committed to bringing you the latest news from the world of cybersecurity to make sure you’re always up-to-date with the best ways to protect your interests and data.
// September 23, 2022
WhiteJar is Platinum Sponsor of “Security Summit” by Clusit
// September 14, 2022
How cybercriminals take advantage of Artificial Intelligence
// September 7, 2022
WhiteJar sponsors TeamItaly, the Italian national Hacking team
// September 5, 2022
New Luna ransomware and how a Bug Bounty Program can help you
// August 25, 2022
LockBit 3.0, the evolution of the most powerful Ransomware-as-a-Service
// August 3, 2022
9 Hot Tips for keeping your data safe in the Summer Heat
// August 3, 2022
Secure your Blockchain in 5 easy steps with a Bug Bounty Program
// July 26, 2022
Bug Bounty: the best solution for Industrial Security
// July 12, 2022
Cybesecurity Trends 2022: what to know?