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  Sharing values
 and collaborating

  for a safer digital world

Loyalty, reliability and competence are the foundations on which the Community of Cybersecurity experts is built and which allow WhiteJar to establish relationships of trust with companies.

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Because it is from the security of trust that collaboration between professionals aiming to combat cybercrime is born.


We work to make internet a safer place.


Leveraging collective intelligence to be always ready to anticipate new cyber threats.


Responsibility, collaboration, competence.


Being proactive and anticipating vulnerabilities to make systems more secure.

All the reliability of experience

WhiteJar is the Cybersecurity Business Unit of AppQuality, a leading Italian crowdtesting company for quality digital products and services. The need to verticalise a service dedicated to IT security stems from the strength of a company structured to accommodate a global community, the need to offer an innovative service and the flexibility of a versatile and innovative collaboration platform.

From AppQuality to WhiteJar

The Ethical Hackers

Recruited directly from the AppQuality Community.

Community management

The ability to organise and maintain the Community.

The platform

Optimised for workflow management.


Who, in addition to quality, want to be able to guarantee the security of their digital products and services.

Brands that chose AppQuality’s top quality crowd:

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Ethical Hackers:
the guardians
of computer security

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The difference between a cybercriminal and an Ethical Hacker is the world of values in which a technically minded individual believes. Safeguarding computer systems for everyone's security is one of the principles behind Ethical Hackers' decision to make their skills available to the whole Community. An Ethical hacker is not interested in the nature of the data stored in the security perimeters. The real challenge for an Ethical Hacker is to find the flaws in the systems before others do, in order to enable customers to protect their own and users' data and save business.

How does WhiteJar guarantee the reliability of an Ethical Hacker?

Ensuring a person's moral integrity is not easy. This is why WhiteJar has adopted a strict recruitment protocol that includes verification of the identity and validation of the skills of each professional member of the Community.

Why would a hacker pledge his loyalty to WhiteJar?

Because he believes and wants to be an active part of a community that shares his values For the remuneration system that rewards his skills Because the added value of his creativity in identifying problems and proposing solutions is recognised. For cooperation with capable and loyal experts For the prospect of continuous professional growth

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Identity and certified competences

WhiteJar does not issue ISO certifications required by law for companies operating in specific sectors.
WhiteJar certifies the identity and skills of the professionals to whom it entrusts jobs of great responsibility, and offers an innovative service for the Italian market and complementary for Companies dealing with IT security.

Certified Ethical Hacker
GIAC Exploit Researcher and Advanced Penetration Tester
Offensive Security Certified Professional
Global Information Assurance Certification
Global Information Assurance Certification