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Test all your Digital Assets right away with our Vulnerability Assessments and Pen-Testing services, carried out by our Community of Ethical Hackers.

Through our exclusive collaboration platform, you will have access to fast and effective subscription-based vulnerability research and re-testing services. Put us to the test today!


An entire community of Ethical Hackers for the cybersecurity of corporate digital systems and the safety of people's data.

Commonly used cybersecurity services aren’t enough to guarantee quick action against the cyberthreats that corporations face every day. WhiteJar’s Ethical Hackers are selected from our Crowd ― TRYBER ― and they’re all ready to put their shared knowledge and skills to good use through a crowd-sourced security platform that is flexible and accessible 24/7.

Only highly skilled and verified cybersecurity experts

Our professionals bear great responsibility, which is why our selection process is incredibly strict. Only those Hackers who ace our recruiting protocols can become members of the WhiteJar Community. We can count on an exclusive channel to get in touch with the best talent in Italy and Europe: TRYBER, the WhiteJar Crowd made of real people. Trusted professionals that are carefully selected. Our certification process includes a full background check on identity, skills, and training.

The most prestigious ethical hacking certifications available in Europe

Certified Ethical Hacker
GIAC Exploit Researcher and Advanced Penetration Tester
Offensive Security Certified Professional
GIAC Web Application Penetration Tester
GIAC Mobile Device Security Analyst
classic pen-testing vs pen-testing crowdbased

Crowdbased Pen-Testing via platform: a new cybersecurity paradigm

The service offered by WhiteJar differs from traditional Pen-Testing, as it allows corporations to execute Pen-Testing programs at any time so that the vulnerabilities found can be addressed promptly and efficiently.
The data travels across the platform in an asynchronous and contextual manner: flags are raised in real-time, and the Teams collaborate autonomously to communicate directly with corporations’ IT managers.
For a dynamic operation model and a flexible managing system.

Our crowdbased security platform is accessible 24/7

Our Crowdsourced Security Platform (CSSP) allows Clients to launch Bug Security Bounty programs for Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessments at any time.
The vulnerabilities identified by our Ethical Hackers are verified by a dedicated tech team in real-time contact with corporations’ IT managers through customized dashboards.
For a prompt and efficient cybersecurity service.

Fully customisable dashboard dedicated to campaigns and tracking identified vulnerabilities
Fully customisable dashboard dedicated to campaigns and tracking identified vulnerabilities
Your program
Unique and complete documentation of the vulnerabilities available to the Customer
Unique and complete documentation of the vulnerabilities available to the Customer
Private Bug Bounty Program screenshot
Remediation proposals
Remediation proposals

The strengths of a successful model of cybersecurity and digital privacy


Shared knowledge

The result of the integration of profiled skills, otherwise not easily accessibile.

Flexible platform

Customizable based on specific client needs.

Constant monitoring

Of the identity and skills of the Ethical Hackers from the Community.

Continuous support

Thanks to the annual subscription for a limitless number of campaigns.

The big figures from our Ethical Hacking services

WhiteJar, the Unguess Business Unit

European Ethical Hacking Community


The average value of the damage caused by cyberattacks that we spare corporations from


The total experience years of our TRYBER cybersecurity experts

Partnership and sponsorship

Are you an MSSP interested in expanding the offer of your cybersecurity services?
Are you a Corporation active in the field of cybersecurity and looking to partner with our Community?

Competitive advantages and bonuses


The security that gives value to all digital assets

Being increasingly competitive by offering quality products and services to the market.

Continuous-cycle Vulnerability Assessment

Ensuring prompt interventions through continuous Customer support.

Rhythm, frequency and scalability of the model

Optimising resources by adapting them quickly to workflow loads
Colleagues working in a company

Challenging and dynamic work environments

Testing creativity and skills in ever-new situations

Ongoing professional development

Establishing yourself in a highly innovative competitive context

Immediate Rewarding System

Recognising the added value of an increasingly important job
Man coding